Why Our Service


  • All surveyors and inspectors have profound experience in their area of expertise
  • We offer quality services at most competitive rate
  • We keep our clients informed of what’s happening on site in the first time, leaving the customers well enough time to make a decision
  • We are present on site throughout the process of an inspection or a supervision.
  • We keep the clients duly updated with findings right after an inspection
  • We update the clients with findings and progress on daily basis for a supervision.
  • Our report is issued within 48 hours after completion of inspection or survey.
  • For commodities that require joint inspection with the government entity, we will
    • pre-discuss with the other party to ensure sampling methods are up to the standard required,
    • provide our candid portwise suggestions as to which weighing method is in client’s favour,
    • better protect the clients’ interest by getting best cooperation from the other party