Areas of Expertise

Over the years, we’ve built up a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in the fields of marine survey and cargo inspection, with the main categories as follows:


Cargo Inspections


  • Weighing, sampling, and sample preparation for nonferrous metals, ores and concentrates
  • Loading and discharging supervision for general, dry bulk, liquid cargoes
  • Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) against drawing and contractual specifications
  • Container stuffing/stripping supervision and tallying
  • Pre-production inspection and in-factory auditing
  • Tallying for general cargoes, and Scale Weighing supervision for bulk cargoes
  • Ullaging, sampling and Outturn supervision on bulk liquid cargoes
  • Fruit inspection (temperatures, country damage, chill damage)
  • Pre-purchase/contract sampling and testing
  • Dropping Test for packing suitability of bagged cargoes




Marine Surveys

  • Inspection of cargo holds, containers, and lashing
  • Pre-loading condition surveys on steel cargoes
  • Loading supervision for steel and project cargoes (lifting, stowage, dunnaging, lashing , and lashing)
  • Outturn survey on various general break bulk cargoes
  • Vessel’s On/Off-hire condition and bunker surveys
  • Vessel’s hold / tank cleanliness inspection
  • Vessel’s hatch cover inspection by hose test and ultrasonic test
  • Vessel’s hatch sealing and unsealing inspection
  • Vessel’s bunkering surveys and supervision (both feeder barge and the vessel)
  • Draft Surveys for bulk and break bulk cargoes
  • P & I Surveys relating cargo damage or contamination, claims, loss adjusting
  • Surveys on seaworthiness packing and fumigation on wood packages
  • Warehouse condition / facility verification for intended cargo to receive