PSI and Factory Audit

Preshipment Inspection (PSI) is nominated mainly by importers or their underwriters to inspect the actual condition of a shipment cargo before delivery in respect of packing, marking, dimension, weight, quantity (tallying), and quality (analysis) in order to ascertain if the contractual specs / requirements are met. Sometimes, container stuffing supervision is requested so as to ensure that the same cargo we inspected is eventually loaded and sealed under our supervision.
Factory Audit: At the request of cargo receivers, we perform audits at the manufacturer’s factory against the contractual specs and designs during the production process. These may include raw material pretesting, sample testing to verify if it’s in compliance with international standard and the client’s requirement, in-process-inspection and monitoring to help find and solve problems if any during the production. Our service saves the clients’ cost and time and gives them peace of mind in purchase.