Each year, we perform on behalf of the cargo shippers, traders, or mines w-s-m inspection on over 50 shipments of copper, zinc, lead concentrates whether in bulk or in containers at various Chinese ports. As such commodities fall into government mandatory inspection, a joint inspection with the government agency is required. We have over the years built up and maintained nice relationships with and have been getting good cooperation from the local CIQ/CCIC branches. Such cargoes being precious, we handle each shipment with due care. Before arrival of the vessel, we negotiate with the government agency to ensure the same sampling method will be used. We supervise closely on sampling, sealing of samples, sample reducing, moisture testing, and quality sample preparation.
We recommend to clients portwise suggestions on whether draft survey or scale weighing is a sound method for final weight determination. In the case of scale weighing, we will pretest and check calibration of the electronic scale, and carry out a tight monitoring on flow of trucks with surveyors stationed at the berth, the weigh house, and the cargo yard issuing tickets to each truck loaded and making sure the truckload is eventually weighed and discharged.