Non-ferrous Metals

We inspect numerous shipments of non-ferrous metals at various receiving smelters in China. Such commodities include copper cathodes, copper blister, unrefined copper, zinc and lead ingots etc. Supervision is required at both the port and the receiving smelter. When the containers are released at the port, we check the intactness of the seals on each container, tally the pieces / bundles inside each container against the B/L, and then supervise reloading of the same onto trucks or railcars or rail containers for onward inland transportation to the smelters. Differences if any will be reported to both the shipper and receiver in the first time for claim purpose. Each truck/railcar/container when loaded is sealed by us with the number of pieces therein recorded for later verification at the smelter.
When the shipment is taken into the smelter, just before scale weighing commences, we will verify the seals and total pieces inside each truck or rail car or container against our record. Any difference or loss that might have occurred on the way will be reported to the shipper and the receiver in the first time for their solution. Then we supervise weighing, stripping, selecting and drilling samples. We will ensure samples selected are representative, drilling follows template rotation, drilling areas are cleaned, drill speed and feed do not exceed the limits, and the drilings are demagnitized. At the end of the supervision, a “w-s-m certificate” is issued and signed conjointly with the smelter.