Preloading Survey

Each year we are nominated by the ship owners, charterers, and their P&I Clubs to perform numerous cases of preloading surveys for steel and project cargoes shipped out of various Chinese ports. The survey is primarily aimed at better protecting the owner’s and / or charterer’s interests by identifying the actual cargo conditions before loading, which the captain will clause on the Mate’s Receipts. The service is usually extended to loading supervision. In such case, on top of cargo condition survey, we will carry out inspections on hold cleanliness, watertightness on hatch covers, help with prestowage plan, calculate tanktop pressure, watch for manner of lifting, monitor dunnaging and lashing, prevent improper handling, and note down the stevedore damages to cargoes if any. To prevent improper handling, we need to do a good job in coordinating between the chiefmate, captain and the foremen / stevedores on duty. Our surveyor stays on board 24 hours during the process of loading (as loading operation progresses in 24 hours except for short gang breaks) offering a helping hand to the captain and chief officer in respect of cargo loading and condition remarking.